The history of the Church of Christ can be traced back to the Day of Pentecost when Peter preached the Gospel and 3,000 souls responded. May 1923 marked the beginning of the Church of Christ in Huntsville, AL for the Black population. The Leadership of the Randolph Street Church of Christ realized that there was a need to have the Gospel preached to the "colored people" in this area and were instrumental in securing Brother Marshall Keeble, the dynamic evangelist from Nashville, TN, to hold a two-week gospel meeting. The meetings were very successful with more than 50 souls baptized into the Body of Christ in Huntsville. Since those who were baptized lived in different areas of the city, they were concerned about what would happen to them when Brother Keeble left. However, there were other black ministers in the neighboring cities whom Brother Keeble asked to come at various times to hold the group together. A committee was formed to meet with city officials to request permission to conduct worship services in Council Training School. Permission was given to use this facility at no charge. Brother Keeble promised that he would return, as Paul promised the churches that he established. Meanwhile, several of the local ministers preached for the congregation. On March 5, 1925, they purchased a 1/4 acre lot on Franklin Street for $790. Two years after purchasing the lot, several members mortgaged their homes to get enough money to get the church building project started. Franklin Street Church of Christ was completed in 1927 and Sister Era Brake was the first person to be baptized in the new facility. The building, located at 822 Franklin Street, now serves as a dental office. Brother Keeble kept his promise and returned each year. The church continued to grow in number and in spirit. During one of his visits, Brother Keeble asked the congregation to pick nine men out of the group that they felt would qualify for elders and deacons. He explained to them the qualifications for each position and often encouraged the brothers to start preparing for the ministry. On the designated Sunday, he returned to ordain the following brothers as elders: C.T. Dickerson, Perry Powers, Billy Turner, John Toney and Thomas Toney. He also ordained the following brothers as deacons: Otis Eldridge, Norman Dickerson, Charlie Hampton, and Emanuel Vincent. From 1923-1933, Franklin Street Church of Christ did not have a full time minister. Local ministers from different congregations assisted the brethren with the services. After much meditation and prayer, Brother C. T. Dickerson and Brother Otis Wilkerson, charter members of the Franklin Street Church, began preaching on alternate Sundays. Through it all, the church remained faithful and continued to grow. From 1933 through 1935, Brother H. L. Mays, a young minister from the Tri-Cities who was enrolled at A&M Institute (now A&M University), began preaching for the congregation every Sunday. He was the first Franklin Street Church of Christ minister to receive pay. The first full time minister of the Franklin Street Church of Christ was Brother Russell Moore who served from 1936 through 1941. Other ministers included, Brother H. T. Simmons, Brother Quincy Carter, Brother Prince A. Barnes, Brother Robert L. Butler, Brother Oscar Marbury, Brother Davis Clark, and Brother Dallas Walker. In October 1965, the Franklin Street Church of Christ was incorporated. The trustees at that time were Brothers Joe D. Rice, Freddie Rice, James McCall, William E. Jackson, and Arthur Hullett. The Franklin Street Church of Christ congregation continued to grow and the leadership expressed to the congregation the need for expansion. It was agreed to purchase land and build a larger meeting house with classrooms, fellowship hall and a large sanctuary. Under the leadership of Brothers Arthur Hullett, James Bledso, Charlie Hampton, and Minister Dallas Walker, a bond program was launched and funds were raised to purchase land at 3203 Farriss Drive. In 1971, the congregation moved from Franklin Street to Farriss Drive. Brother Dallas Walker resigned as minister in 1973 and Brother Vernon Smith was selected to serve as interim minister until early 1974. Brother John Harris served as minister of Farriss Drive from mid-1974 until early 1987 when the leadership selected Brother Jimmy C. Steel to serve as minister. Brother Steel served until his untimely death the latter part of 1987. In mid-1987, Brother James Gray (Associate Minister) served as interim minister until the latter part of 1988 when the leadership selected Brother Paul Young. When Brother Young resigned in 1999, Brother James Gray, Sr., again served as interim minister until 2000 when the leadership selected Brother Darryl E. Beasley. Brother Beasley resigned the early part of 2001 and Brother Jamall Anderson served as interim minister. During the latter part of 2001, the leadership selected Brother Devins T. Jackson to serve as the minister of Farriss Drive Church of Christ. In 2003, looking to the future, under the leadership of the Elders Ivan Toney, Lewis Williams and James H. Redmon, Sr., and Minister Devins T. Jackson, Farriss Drive purchased 10 acres of land along Blue Spring Road-the future home of Blue Spring Road Church of Christ! When Brother Jackson resigned in April 2006, Brother Gabriel Delmar Garrison served as interim minister until August 2007 when the leadership selected Brother Darron Fantroy to serve as minister with the addition of Brother Adrain Harris as Assistant Minister later that same year. Within the first year of Brother Fantroy’s arrival, Farriss Drive experienced the addition of 40 new members and 20 new souls were added to the Lord's church. During November-December 2007, the auditorium was totally renovated and Farriss Drive entered into the New Year with a new look. After Brother Fantroy resigned in August 2008, Brother Adrian Harris served as interim minister until June 2009 when the leadership selected Brother Floyd Rodgers to serve as minister. Brother Rodgers began his duties as minister of the Farriss Drive Church of Christ in July 2009. Under the leadership of Brother Rodgers, five elders were ordained in April 2010 (Brothers Henry Barley, Milton Boddie, Paul Parker, Sr., James Redmon, Sr., and Marvin Williams) and five deacons (Brothers Kermit Booker, Sr., James Carvin Brazelton, Malcolm Cole, Martin Harris and Theo Kimber, Jr.). On November 18, 2013, ground was broken for the new facility at 2150 Blue Spring Road. Farriss Drive Church of Christ transitioned to Blue Spring Road Church of Christ on March 1, 2015.